Unnivers offers campus services to clients seeking to develop a long-term, strategic presence abroad. Our highly individualized engagement assists institutions in:

– Creating custom-fit international and experiential programs

– Fostering transnational education and collaboration opportunities with other institutions

– Marketing and recruitment to attract top international talent

– Business development and representation support to promote market expansion and cultivate undeveloped           markets

– Administrative support and turn-key access to our international campuses

Our campuses are strategically located in major global hubs. Our Boston campus is located in the Cambridge Innovation Center, an epicenter of innovation housing the largest concentration of entrepreneurs in the world. Campus services give institutions the freedom to leverage Unnivers resources, leading expertise, and elite network to enhance global visibility, extend university reach, and provide international opportunities for their students, faculty, researchers without heavily investing in a branch office or operation overseas.


Unnivers offers specialized advisory services in collaboration with our international network of experts to support institutions in their internationalization efforts:


Unnivers assessment provides comprehensive evaluation and analysis of an institution’s international activity relevant to global competition, allowing leaders to objectively benchmark their institution, follow relevant KPIs, and enhance global reputation and rank. Basic or Certified Reports feature key information such as future internationalization trends and strategic expert recommendations.

Strategic Planning

Unnivers engages institutions seeking guidance and support in introducing or implementing internationalization into their strategic agenda. Projects include strategies and best practices for improving international performance in rankings.


Unnivers experts (fellows) advise institutions as seasoned thought leaders and recognized researchers in higher education from major cities around the world. They have extensive knowledge on international markets, higher education systems of different countries, and global trends affecting the future of the industry.