Leading Change in Higher Education

Boston, Massachusetts.

Program Overview

5 day program bringing together senior managers in higher-education institutions. They meet advanced institutions and their leaders, analyze changes in the industry, work on problem solving pressing strategic challenges they are currently facing, and network at high level.

The workshop takes place within a highly collaborative and stimulating environment focused on interactive sessions and experiential learning. Through exchanged know-how from key experts leading the transformation in the industry, analysis of innovative practices, cross-border connections, and exposure to Boston’s natural educational hub, attendees gain a hands-on experience like no other that will inspire new strategic ideas to develop. Our intimate and private setting facilitates an ideal context for discussion. Differing perspectives and experiences of senior leaders will contribute to workshop attendees receiving and sharing unparalleled feedback and unique insights.

Participants and Goals

The program is addressed to top senior-level executives from Higher-Education Institutions. To maximize benefit, Unnivers is offering this workshop exclusively to pre-selected institutions in order to create ample opportunity for attendees to seed future partnerships and alliances. The goals of the program are:

  • – Analyze best practices from top universities.
  • – Share leadership experiences in transformation and excellence in Higher-Education.
  • – Analyze disruptive initiatives and understand emerging trends.
  • – High level networking and foster cross-collaboration.
  • – Reflect on the applications to the participant’s leadership context.