Global Venturing E-LAB

Program Overview

The Global Venturing E-Lab provides students with an experiential, developmental learning experience with which to accelerate, scale, and draw inspiration for new ventures that are global in nature.

  • – Access to a new network, market, expertise, and capital within Boston’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • – Exposure to cutting-edge innovation, science, technology in one of the world’s leading innovation hubs through interactive visits
  • – Operation and logistical support from Unnivers management team
  • – Rich and intensive agenda featuring experts, mentors, speakers to help accelerate businesses
  • – 24/7 available resources within the Cambridge Innovation Center

Participants and Goals

The Global Venturing E-Lab provides aspiring entrepreneurs a practical training experience, know-how, and context to accelerate new ideas and ventures with the potential to globally scale. Student have the opportunity to expand perspectives, develop international networks are developed, and gain an understanding of how to navigate the Boston ecosystem.

The Challenge of Scaling: 

  • – Ventures are built for a small market in mind due to a lack in global perspective
  • – Limited access and understanding of international markets to test, validate, and develop products/services
  • – Industry dynamics change from country to country altering business models
  • – Limited opportunities to competitively benchmark on a global scale
  • – Local investment for subsequent rounds of funding is difficult to acquire without adequate demonstration that the business can scale internationally.


A one of a kind experience to bring projects to the next level while gaining a global perspective.


– Highly intensive week focused on new trends and models in higher education in areas of internationalization, innovation, and knowledge and technology transfer.
– Featured Speakers: Thought leaders, experts, and trailblazers leading transformation in higher education
– Immersive Learning Visits: Leading institutions, research centers and accelerators, entrepreneurial and innovation spaces
– Reflections: Daily reflections and collaborative workshops aimed to apply and integrate learnings to participants’ respective institutions. 


For detailed agenda, please feel free to contact us through email.