“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Unnivers educational programs aim to educate a variety of different stakeholders from students to senior leaders of top institutions including vice-presidents and deans. Programs are designed with the intent to connect and expose participants to innovative and experiential learning opportunities. Programs are strategically prepared by assembling a cohort of global participants to facilitate cross-border collaboration, synergies, and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Open Programs

Unnivers open programs focus on globalization, innovation, and entrepreneurship. In a unique collaboration with prestigious higher education institutions, organizations, and experts, we expose participants to cutting-edge ideas, know-how, and initiatives shaping our future economy.

Open programs offered in Boston:

Custom Programs

Unnivers custom programs expose participants to the latest trends and models of higher education, innovation, entrepreneurship, science and technology. Custom agendas, focused highly on networking, allow institutions to explore potential partnerships and expand their strategic presence in new markets.